Peschiera del Garda, Italy

Peschiera is a little different from most of the resorts at the southern end of Lake Garda. It is actually a fairly large town where the centre does not front onto the lake.

For that reason, the attractions of the location are a little bit hidden away from those passing by on a lake ferry and Peschiera has more connections to inland locations than most of the other lakeshore villages.

The town itself is connected as much to the Mincio river as the lake and this made it an important strategic point in its past. More information about the history of the town and the sights left today can be found here:
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The size of Peschiera means that there is a wide range of hotel accommodation and there are good options both in the town and along the coast towards Lazise and Sirmione. Alternatively, the area around Peschiera is a popular one for camping holidays. More information:
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For a change, the town is relatively easy to get to by car or rail and acts as a transport hub for other Garda resorts. For a map, car directions and air options. head over to our travel page:
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We hope you find the Peschiera Italy website useful and look forward to hearing your comments about the site and the location. We especially welcome any views about the town from those who have stayed there.
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Part of the fortress complex in Peschiera

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